Hair today, gone tomorrow

I didn't think that it could be possible for hair to get so tangled up in a hairbrush that it wouldn't untangle again. I was wrong.

This morning, I experienced exactly that and it turned out to be quite an ordeal: For over an hour, hairbrush and hair were bound together by impossible knots. After the attempts to pull out the hair by hand failed, Rob had to plier out each and every bristle of the hairbrush until it was no longer functional - only then could my hair be set free. I lost A LOT of hair in the process but am totally relieved no scissors came near. Rob is my hero!

Now I sit here writing this with a sore scalp and a slight bald patch on my head. However, the fact that I just ate some very yummy lobster makes up for the terrible experience :)

Oh, and some of my best clothes got thrown into a maggot infested garbage bin today but that's another story...


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