Baking my own birthday cake

So it was my 22nd birthday yesterday and I had a great day: Harry Potter, pizza, cake and waaaay too many chicken wings.
My cake this year was made by my little sister, Anita, and because she had a broken oven at home the cake had to be baked at my place (it was fun opening a box to discover raw cake mix in tins)! Then, I realised I'd pretty much run out of cake toppings so we had to make do with a tiny amount of icing powder, the last few chocolate sprinkles and cherries. It might not look impressive but it sure tasted goooood - doesn't all cake?

My birthday cake


  1. Hey HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I forgot you were 2 years younger than me. I feel like an old man T__T anyways hope you had a good one!

  2. Yay! Happy belated!!~ What did you think of Harry Potter?

  3. Happy Birthday! Looks delicious.


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