Squid Kid

It's been quite a while since I last had a play around in 3D so I decided to make my little 2009 "squid kid" come alive. Had lots of fun with this and it's got me into modelling again so there may be more to come very soon!

Squid Kid

On another note, I've had many comments from people here and at DeviantArt suggesting what my weird fruit thing could actually be. For general interest and merriment, here is a list of all the suggestions:
  • Daikon
  • Ill-shaped pear
  • Naked pineapple
  • Lovechild of a turnip and strawberry
  • Marshmellow fruit
  • Big tic-tac fruit
  • Undeveloped grape
  • Giant japanese winter berry
  • Candyfloss
As a conclusion, I think that I will settle on it being a giant tic-tac fruit because that seems to be what it looks like the most, but I love hearing all the fun ideas so thank you for exercising your minds!

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