More 3D experimenting, this time with a colourful hotdog van!

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On a side note, I've had a lot of people contacting me and asking "What program do I use to make my 3D look the way yours does?" or something similar. As happy as I am to answer this question, I feel like I should put my answer to this here to save further repetition and to inform those of you who are wondering:

I work in Maya but my processes are technically quite basic and I'm confident that the type of finish can be achieved in any other 3D program. I'm not using any program specific filters or effects - my models are generally low-poly and are fullbright. This means that all of the colour/design work is in the texture and the light/dark 'shading' you see is actually painted and therefore fake. Basically, I believe that it's more about the creativity than the technicalities; you should be dictating your work, not your tools :)

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  1. Love the work and the thought process Ms. Tran!

    As someone who has been experimenting with this, using 3D as the logical tool to indeed, layout 3D environments, and use illustration skills to take care of everything else.

    I have never really liked dealing with rendering in 3D, I am not horrible at it, just don't like it.

    Good stuff!


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