Slow times...

My blog sure is running slow at the moment, but the reasons are not unjustified!

Last week Rob and I ventured to London to meet up with our transatlantic pal, Ian J, which turned out to be tons of fun. Much time was spent playing sardines on the tube, being a little bit lost, eating way too much and browsing museum artefacts, comic books and interesting things like that.

Unfortunately, because London is so awesome, all I ended up drawing during the five days we were there, was this:

Soup Face

Yup, all I drew was a mouth on a soup pot.
I didn't even have to draw the eyes, and I call myself an artist(!)


Another reason why it's been pretty slow on here art-wise is because most of my time over the last few months has been spent programming the game Rob and I have been working on. FYI, coding has always been a kind of side hobby of mine - sooooo much satisfaction to be had!


  1. Super excited to see more of the game!

  2. kind of unrelated, but I love seeing the thumbnail of the 3D glass bottle in the sidebar. I think it's my favorite. Would totally work as a thumbnail of an inventory item in a game. Do you use Unity?

  3. I really like your stuff! I look forward to more updates, once you have the time :)

  4. The previews on Rob's blog is getting me really pumped for this game of yours! Looks SO COOL


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